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Green Properties

A Practical Approach to Energy Efficiency!

As Moore County’s leader in energy- efficient building, Stewart Construction and Development is committed to meeting the growing need for sustainable homes and building sites through Energy Star®, NAHB Green and LEED building certification. We are making the future "sensibly” green by bridging the gap between Energy Star® and extreme green technologies.

Going green can be practical. We will help you take advantage of the latest technology to maximize your savings and reduce energy consumption. Our clients enjoy:

- Lower Utility bills
- Increased Home Value
- Increased Comfort & Durability
- Reduced Environmental Impact
- Healthy Indoor Environments
- Peace of Mind

We will also help you to navigate the world of rebates, incentives and tax credits available to you through the Energy Star® and NAHB Green Building programs.

Real results and the experience to meet your goals.

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